Get more leads

Our goal: attract and nurture your audience’s attention for your products and services, to convert them into customers.

What we do best

Content creation

Blog posts, white papers, ebooks, infographics, quizz…

Paid referencing - SEA

Buying keywords to go up in Google results

Community management

Animation of your social networks


Online display, social media campaigns, retargeting

Emails and text

Newsletters, marketing automation, emails, text messages

Organic SEO

Website pages, blog posts and content optimization for organic SEO

Marketing content

Why do marketing content?

  • Cheaper than advertising and paid SEO, it can attract qualified prospects
  • You show you are an expert at what you do, gives you legitimacy and improves your image
  • Amazingly improves your SEO
  • Helps to build customer advocacy

How BigMouthFrog supports you

Writing marketing content : we create content that directly addresses your customers’ pain points: the objective is to understand the questions your customers ask and answer them. We include keywords that optimize your SEO. We are also developing an editorial calendar, focusing on the milestones of your business.

The spread of your content : by your distribution channels: your newsletter, on your social networks, on your site … and / or by external channels: influencers, content sharing platforms, groups, other blogs, media …


Content marketing costs 62 % less than outbound marketing

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Paid indexing (SEA)

Why buy keywords?

To quickly increase your ranking on search engines. Coupled with a SEO strategy, it provides good visibility to your website.

How BigMouthFrog supports you

To set up a paid SEO strategy, we analyze your competition, define together your target, the keywords on which you want to go up in search results, the type of campaign and your budget. Then we launch the campaign, analyze the results and adjust for more relevance and ROI.


Less than 10% of Internet users go beyond the 1st page of search results

Animation of your social networks

Why hire a community manager?

To develop your brand awareness, increase your notoriety and visibility.

How BigMouthFrog supports you

We develop a content strategy tailored to each network, create an editorial calendar, measure the effectiveness of posts, create specific content (visuals, videos, texts, infographics …), and identify influencers.

Who uses social media?

  • Generation Y (Millenials) 90,4% 90,4%
  • Generation X (born between 1965 and 1980) 77,5% 77,5%
  • Baby boomers (born between 1956 and 1964) 48,2% 48,2%
Source :


of consumers use social media to find products

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Newsletters and text messages

Email marketing campaigns

Why? Why ? Because it’s one of the most effective way of acquiring potential customers. It is also the cheapest medium on the market today. With an average of 3.31% success, email remains the channel with the best conversion rate.

How?To advertise on a dicount, inform about an event, announce the launch of a new product or new available content… you can send a newsletter, a promotional email, or make an automated campaign: sent for example to people who downloaded a white paper, who signed up for your newsletter ….

Text messages campaigns

Why? Because people look at their mobile phone 221 times a day! SMS campaigns are inexpensive and much cheaper than urban or or online display campaigns (banner display). And finally, because the opening rate of commercial text is 98%! And they are read on average only 3 minutes after their reception : unbeatable effectiveness.


text messages are read before the end of the day

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How BigMouthFrog supports you

Nous créons pour vous l’email et/ou les SMS, en respectant les bonnes pratiques pour éviter d’arriver en spam, et en ciselant le texte et les images pour que vos destinataires l’ouvrent, le lisent et cliquent.


89% of companies consider their email marketing strategy effective

Online advertising

Online display campaigns

Why? To spread your messages and widen your audience in a hyper-personalized, geolocalized and targeted manner.

How? Sharp targeting by areas of interest, age, gender, geolocation. We can vary formats: banners, videos … Performance measurement is done in real time.

We work with the best programmatic advertising specialists to get your ads to the right place, at the right time, to the right person.


of internet users trust online advertising

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Social media advertising

Why? To reach a large qualified target and to benefit from greater notoriety. These advertisements blend into the news feeds and are incredibly effective.

How? Images, videos, slideshows … The idea is to start with a small budget, test what works and adapt the ad accordingly, then increase the budget little by little.


Over 30% of online shoppers are ready to buy a product directly from a social network

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The objective: to show a campaign again to interested users.

Why? Customers navigate elsewhere after leaving your site. Retargeting can bring them closer to products that already interest them and offer them a promotion that encourages them to return to your website to buy, request a quote, etc.


1 on 2 retargeted visitors that land on a website make a request (quote, form ...)

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How we articulate it all

We adapt media and campaigns at each stage of the customer journey.