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Beer types of the world, their country of origin and bitterness

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With this beer poster, discover the different types of beer by fermentation, country of origin, color and bitterness.

Where does this delicious Pale Ale come from? What to choose when you love amber beer that is not bitter? Do all dark beers taste like Guinness?

Check out the beautiful white, blond, amber, brown and black beers, their country of origin and their degree of bitterness at a glance with this beer poster.

The ideal gift to show your culture around a bock, and for amateur zythologists (yes, that’s the name!). And if the Frenchies have invented only two beers (the  Biere de Mars and Biere de Garde), we enjoy the  gentle Belgian beers and the tempestuous English ones.

Dimensions: 30cm x 40cm
Paper: matte coated 250g/m²

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In this poster, each beer is rated according to its degree of bitterness (from bit bitter to very bitter). Each type of beer is also represented: white, blonde, amber, brown and black.

For Ale type beers (high fermentation):
Scottish ale, Scottish ale, Scottish ale, Scottish ale, scottish heavy, Scottish export, Scotch, Belgian dubbel, Belgian tripel, belgian quadrupel, witbier, witbier fruit, belgian golden strong ale, belgian table beer, Belgian special, abbey, trappist, season, Cream ale, Kristallweizen, Weizenbock, Hefeweizen, Dunkelweizen, Weizenbier, Berliner Weisse, altbier, Kölsch, wheat ale, fruit wheat ale, dark ale, strong ale, Amber ale, Blond Ale, Pale strong ale, Bitter, Ordinary, Nederlands oud bruin Bitter, Special / Best / Premium Bitter, Extra Special / Strong Bitter, Pale ale, American Pale ale, English pale ale, Indian pale, Imperial IPA, Dark IPA, old ale, Winter warmer, wear, Baltic Porter, Imperial wear, ale, barley wine, stout, imperial stout, irish dry stout, stout sweet, oatmeal stout, american stout, english stout, stout export, english brown ale, english golden ale, english strong ale.

For Lager type beers (low fermentation):
Pils, Bohemian pilsner, german pilsner, liquor malt, amber lager, dark lager, strong lager, pale lager, ice lager, bock, doppelbock, eisbock, maibock / hellesbock, märzen / oktoberfest, munich helles, munich dunkel, dortmunder / export, keller / zwickel, rauchbier, schwarzbier, Vienna.

For Lambic beers (spontaneous fermentation): Gueuze, Kriek, Fruits, Faro.

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Dimensions30 × 40 cm

30cm x 40cm


matte coated paper 250g/m²




Poster delivered without frame


in average 3 to 6 working days


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