About BigMouthFrog

BigMouthFrog (Mélanie Bezot-Trottet) helps business owners reach their customers with rockstar digital marketing and fantastic graphic design.

OK, so where do I begin?

I am a specialist in digital marketing, graphic designer, proud mother of two wonderful children, Céleste and Timothée, and wife of my sensational husband, Vincent.

I started my career in 2004 when I graduated from ESSCA, a French business school. I have then worked for more than 10 years as marketing manager for France for a German software company.

At the same time, I began to create posters and designs for my friends and family. The success was there, far beyond my circle of friends ! I decided to create an online portfolio.

I then created BigMouthFrog, to launch my online poster shop, and to live my passion for digital marketing as an independent marketing agency.

Digital marketing agency since 2017

Since 2017, I’ve been helping companies and associations increase brand awareness and expand their online reach with smart, growth-driven web design.

I am constantly training to stay on the cutting edge of marketing techniques and digital solutions. For example, I received the Hubspot Growth-Driven Design certification in 2019.

Let’s keep in touch

You can follow me on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram, and if you want to chat, it will be a pleasure!

What inspires me

Playing with my kids Céleste and Timothée, devouring books, motorcycling, travelling around the world and listening to jazz music.

Fun facts

I love to wear extravagant jewelry and cook bizarre recipes.

My certifications

Why Big Mouth Frog?

To speak loudly of your company and your products! And because it’s a story I like to tell… Do you know the story of the big-mouth frog?

There was once a big-mouth frog that was walking in the forest.

On the way, she meets a rabbit and asks:

“Who are youuuuuuuuuu?
– I am the rabbit
– And what are you doiiiiiiiiiing?
– I am walking in the forest.
– And you eat whaaaaaaaaat?
– I eat carrots.
– Okay!”

And the big-mouth frog goes on. A little further on, she meets a cow and asks:

“Who are youuuuuuuuuuuu?
– I am the cow
– And what are you doiiiiiiiiiing?
– I rest a little while grazing.
– And you eat whaaaaaaaaat?
– I eat grass.
– Okay!”

Satisfied, the big-mouth frog passes her way and continues her walk. She then encounters a snake.

“Who are youuuuuuuuuuuu?
– I am the snake
– And what are you doiiiiiiiiiing?
– I’m hungry and I’m looking for something to eat
– And you eat whaaaaaaaaat?
– I love big mouth frogs!”

Then, with a very small mouth, the big-mouth frog replied:

“Oh, do you know many big-mouth frogs?”

Our clients are pretty awesome, just like you !

Nous avons le plaisir de travailler avec des entreprises extraordinaires.

Benoit Combier, Chief Technical Officer, Engrenages HPC

Spontaneous, enthusiast, professional: Melanie has this facility to set up a simple and effective relationship that allows to move calmly on current projects.

Gaëlle Verneray, Business development, Arkance Systems

Melanie’s enthusiasm is contagious. Working with her is a real pleasure: creativity, professionalism and efficiency are here… and all with a smile!

Delphine Sangiorgio, Owner, Evidence Coiffure Mallemort

I talked a lot with Melanie about who I was, about the image I wanted to give and about the important items that should be on my site.
She immediately understood my expectations and created a great website, where she was able to highlight our philosophy and our skills but also who we are…

Frédéric Bauer, Chief Marketing Officer, Schmersal France

For more than 6 years, thanks to her relational skills and remarkable professionalism, we work very regularly with Mrs. Bezot-Trottet for our business development.

A win-win relationship based on trust and quality of advice from a true communication professional. Congratulations again.

Sarah Fatton, Development Manager, Tennis Club de Lyon

Thanks to BigMouthFrog’s quick response and flexibility, our growing tennis club has found a dynamic communication manager.

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